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Grandmother and Grandson

Our goal is to make family members do caregiving together

We are on a mission to help families organize their caregiving activities, simplify coordination and communication throughout the caregiving journey.

Coordinate care

Communicate efficiently

Manage medications

Learn about caregiving

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Coordinate care

Care space allows to efficiently manage responsibilities among all people who provide caregiving to an elderly person.

Keeping all the main information in the same place allows to make better-informed care decisions and help with day-to-day routines.

A personalized list of your tasks and calendar allows coordinating visits and daily tasks. 

Communicate efficiently

Care feed allows sharing updates with all the members of the care cycle.


Clear and efficient communication is a key to keeping all the care members up today around updates, check-ups and coordinate activities. 

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Care feed allows sharing updates with all the members of the care cycle. 

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Manage medications

Never forget about renewing the medications or missing a schedule for a loved one anymore.


Medication management allows to keep a track of all taken medications and reminds when it should be taken or when you are out of medication soon. 

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Learn about caregiving

Being a family caregiver is a challenging role and likely one that you haven’t been trained

to undertake.


People often lack knowledge about what to do and some of the best practices.


We aim to provide that knowledge about caregiving to make informed and clear care decisions. Weekly videos and caregiving articles will help to understand

caregiving better.

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